The best daily Free Horoscope 10/26/2020

Venus will protect you now that the weekend is over

You'll seek a space of solitude where you can silently reflect, alone with your own essence

It's all about taking the opportunity that comes along even if it's not what you dreamed of

Our past is meant to teach us about mistakes

Take advantage of the penultimate day of Venus in Virgo to prepare a personal financial plan

You will get rid of anybody with bad intentions who wants to cast a shadow in your love life

Whatever you have to do, do it now as later you won't be able to count on so many positive influences by the stars

Looking after your savings and paying attention to your bank transactions will save you from worse problems

You will have a wonderful day as long as they have the chance to enjoy love and relationships

If you’re a single native, love could be about to enter your life, Capricorn

Problems at work and in your finances won't stop you being lucky in love

Long-distance relationships might start with great illusion, but they'll deflate little by little