The best daily Free Horoscope 10/15/2020

You'll feel extremely comfortable in your self-chosen freedom

The edges that separate love from the purest friendship become blurred (in the best of senses)

Having a good day feeling happy and loved will be as healing as medicine for your health

Good luck is on your side at the halfway point of October

Tense astral aspects predict a very stressful and disruptive environment at work

Whatever you do, laugh and have fun with your loved ones because laughter is a healing balm for the soul

You'll be very optimistic at work, try to spread this feeling to other areas of your life, too

Love can be found in every gesture, but being direct and saying what you feel will have a beneficial impact on your life

You have to listen to your unconscious and your deepest feelings, no matter how difficult they are to interpret

Learn how to give space to others so that they can express themselves and things will be easier for you

You can't fight change, clinging on to what you know will only bring you suffering and keep you from progressing

Those who are unemployed and have a background in cutting-edge technoloty will find it easy to find job offers that match their profile