The best daily Free Horoscope 10/12/2020

You've chosen to break ties with monotony and routine

Everything you do in life has consequences, sooner or later

Many mysteries will be revealed before your eyes and you'll have to keep quiet to avoid conflicts

There's no absolute truth when it comes to love

You need to rest from external and internal noise; some time on the couch with your favorite series will help you relax

If you are really going to play with your boldest cards, remember that there could be consequences

Take the initiative and do something that makes sense to you and not to those around you

It's time to confidently pursue your ideas, you'll gain more than you can possibly imagine

Your fifth house is very active and you will use this energy in order to find a balance after the tension you had last month

You’ve decided to take a break from all that inflexibility and this will have a positive effect in your relationships

Don't let your own subconscious limitations prevent you from achieving a better status, whether professional or personal

The energies will make you feel very heavy and lazy (and let's not kid ourselves, it's also Monday)