The best daily Free Horoscope 10/01/2020

Find a solution for your issues before you need to cope

At work, don't push yourself beyond your limits, but don't settle either

Small changes in your routines can give great benefits to your daily life

Venus will give you its protection over this first day of October

Your intuition will be at its best, which will help you know your crush's deepest feelings

Let your partner know that you need some space for yourself and that this doesn't have anything to do with your relationship

You'll be under pressure in almost every area of your life, but you're strong enough to deal with it

The doors to a new company will open, where you'll be able to showcase your skills

Mercury will affect many areas of your life and it will tell you the direction you will tend to go to

Eating a variety of foods can give you the minerals and vitamins your body needs in order to deal with different situations

Although your love life is destabilized, this won't extend to your professional life or to your health

There'll be a lot of passionate energy which you'll have to channel somehow, otherwise it might come up as an argument or through sex